The Inspiration

Living on Salt Spring Island, BC, I am primarily a painter of Landscapes, as well as writing and illustrating children’s books. I draw inspiration from my travels across Canada, visiting and photographing our National Parks and wilderness areas for future paintings. 

Oil Painting invites me to look deeply and reverently into the mystery I perceive in nature, in an attempt to present the character of a place through forms that speak of interconnection. I try to weave the many voices of landscape into a visual, unified expression, while always searching for underlying pattern and movement. Rocks, trees, water and clouds become emotionally charged through the suggestion of movement and sculptural form. 

Spending time in a certain place with my camera is crucial to tuning into the atmosphere, temperature, sound and colour palette so I can recall it vividly during the painting process. It is in the last stages of a painting that I allow mysterious forms and shapes to emerge intuitively, where the rational mind recedes and I invite the mystical mind to take over. Years as a massage therapist, designer and illustrator are a strong foundation in my work, where suggestions of anatomy and flowing, merging shapes figure prominently. 

People often ask about influences in my work. Of course, there are many artists I am in awe of, but I’d have to say that I take my greatest inspiration from a lifetime of studying the Canadian landscape. It is that sacred source that I try to tune into. This has called for an intimacy with the character of a place that I strive to express through my paintings. Humanity has shared a connection with the spirit of the land since ancient times, and exploring this artistically fills me with gratitude and humility.